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    The Eman Al-Janabi MD obstetrics and gynecology practice, serving Brooklyn and Staten Island provides prenatal care to women who are pregnant. We offer regular check-ups and prenatal testing in order to keep both mother and baby healthy and examine for any onset of problems that may call for future concern.
    We recommend more frequent visits for women with high risk pregnancy health problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure so that we may monitor their blood sugar and pressure levels.
    Within our facility for prenatal care, we offer the following services in; obstetrical care, vaginal and cesarean section, breastfeeding support, free prenatal classes and an alternative for some women to undergo natural childbirth without medical intervention.

    Obstetrical Care
    Obstetrical care consists of managing and treating women both prior and during pregnancy ranging from normal to complicated pregnancies and the postpartum period following childbirth.
    The obstetricians and gynecologists at Eman Al-Janabi MD practice offer comprehensive essential obstetrical care and management services for expecting mothers while also ensuring a stress-free environment. We propose several routine tests to evaluate the well-being of both the mother and the baby, these include; a standard blood report, vaginal culture testing, genetic screening and sonogram screenings.
    Vaginal and Cesarean Section
    Vaginal delivery is a natural and less complex approach in delivering a baby, however today more women are choosing to have cesarean sections due to medical complications or personal preferences. Most cases to performing a C-section are unplanned due to emergency reasons to save the lives of both mother and baby. Every woman is entitled to choosing the delivery option best suited to her, and in doing so it is our priority to discuss the potential benefits, limitations and possible consequences of both options dependent on the well-being of the expecting mother and unborn child.
    Breastfeeding Support
    Breastfeeding support is an essential part of motherhood learning for new moms. Breastfeeding can be an uncomfortable and awkward experience for most new mothers and in order to overcome this, we offer the right advice and support to all women. The ultimate breastfeeding concerns new moms have range from questions regarding breastfeeding positions, breast discomfort or infections, nipple confusion for the baby and the kinds of breast pumps available to utilize and store breast milk. We provide expecting mothers the essential information on breastfeeding and how best to manage breast changes during the breastfeeding phase. We offer parenting resource centers to educate women about all matters reaching out to nursing your newborn.
    Free Prenatal Classes
    Life as a first-time new parent can be both an exciting and demanding experience. In order to educate and support our expecting mothers and their partners, we offer free prenatal classes aimed at preparing them for the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. We cover several major topics including; pregnancy and parental changes, parental attachment, infant sleeping and nursing patterns, and postpartum preparation. These classes are specially arranged within a comfortable environment to enable all parents to ask questions freely and to acquire knowledge and a better understanding of parenthood. We provide a reviewed and updated schedule of the classes’ available to all patients interested in attending.
    Natural Childbirth Without Medical Intervention
    Natural childbirth is a non-medical approach of delivering a baby allowing nature to facilitate birth. It is highly common for many expecting mothers with regular, low-risk pregnancies to opt for natural childbirth. Undergoing natural childbirth comprises of going through a longer labor and delivery process without benefit of medications, such as epidural as a common pain reliever during birth. We highly recommend many natural childbirth methods or programs to assist women considering it so that birth can be both a rewarding and personally satisfying experience for them. However, expecting mothers need to remember that last minute medical complications may arise eliminating the chances of a scheduled natural childbirth to take place. We prioritize in discussing and reviewing possible consequences of natural childbirth to fulfill patient satisfaction and needs.