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    The Eman Al-Janabi MD obstetrics and gynecology practice, serving Brooklyn and Staten Island provides comprehensive OBGYN care to both women and young adolescents with female gynecological needs.
    We highly recommend women undergo annual check-ups involving breast exams and Pap smear testing to rule out any major health concerns. We offer exceptional services designed to diagnose, treat and prevent all gynecological conditions. Our skilled and compassionate medical professionals are content to meet all patient needs.

    Annual check-ups
    Annual check-ups are necessary for a number of reasons and our practice ensures patient well-being by offering every woman a chance to undergo confidential evaluations and treatments. Ideally, we suggest women who are sexually active to visit our OBGYN practice and facilitate a sexual history and medical record to build a rapport for future check-ups. We carry out full breast and genital examinations to screen for any irregularities while also informing and educating women on how to self-examine for suspicious breast lumps. We prioritize in educating women about the importance of developing breast or cervical cancer and how best to treat them.
    Breast Exams
    A breast exam is an important routine check-up at our practice. We highly recommend women with a family history of breast cancer to have their breasts examined frequently to treat early onset of any irregularities. Breasts tend to be tender or sore during a women’s period making it difficult to identify any unusual changes hence that is why we suggest menstruating women to schedule an appointment after their menstrual cycle is complete.
    Undergoing a breast exam is a stressful process for many women, and we aim to establish a stress-free environment by engaging and conversing with our patients. During a breast exam visit, we ask questions regarding your sexual history and menstrual cycles and perform a thorough breast examination by feeling for any lumps and changes in breast skin while also examining the nipple for any unusual discharge. If unusual discharge is present, a sample will be collected for further evaluation. We also carry out a mammography as part of a full breast screening. Any suspicious changes will be evaluated and discussed with our patients. We are committed in educating women about the importance of self-awareness regarding breast cancer.
    Pap Smears
    Pap smears are screening tests for abnormal cervical cells in the cervix and women who are sexually active are advised to undergo pap smears. We understand that pap smears cause anxiety for most women and that is why we aim to establish a calm and relaxed environment for our patients allowing them to ask any questions while also informing them about the importance of pap smears regarding cervical cancer.
    During a Pap smear screening, by utilizing a wooden stick in the cervix, a sample of the cervical cells are obtained and sent to a cytology laboratory where the cells are further examined for any abnormal cell production. If any abnormalities are detected, we inform our patients and offer a detailed review of the interpreted lab reports and subsequently proceed with providing the finest care, management and treatment program dependent on the patients’ medical health. Early diagnosis of abnormal pre-cancerous cells can prevent onset of developing cervical cancer in the future.